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Old Values

Fresh Ideas

No two days in produce are ever the same, but our values haven't changed since 1884.

As an industry leader in the northeast marketplace we make produce bold, not boring! Integrity, respect, and transparency inform all that we do.

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 Why It's Personal 

Tourtellot, as in, / 'tur-'tel-'lӓt /.

Pretty straightforward. Just like us. 

One name. Two families. Three generations.Next question?


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Eating produce, talking produce, continuously learning about produce and, most importantly, getting our customers excited about produce.

 What We Love 
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 What Makes it Work 

See all of the above! We value partners who share our passion and commitment to doing the right thing​. Always. 

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 Who We are 

We're produce professionals by birthright, three generations strong. Though some of us tried to be lawyers and bankers, there's no denying what we were meant to do.

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